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Your Sanctuary, whether for an hour or a day, KIH Holistics Wellbeing Sanctuary is a safe space for you to relax,unwind, troubleshoot your life, heal, plan ahead, wash away the toxins, and take steps to take care of yourself, with my help, to make sure that your spirit is intact and your life is in your hands.

You deserve to be nurtured and ultimately to feel loved and happy. This is achievable whether by some cognitive work or by physical healing therapy. We all need time to rest and rejuvinate and this is your time, your escape from the daily demands of life.

Of course you can just visit for a relaxing massage without wanting to talk or troubleshoot any areas of your life and that is welcome too. Even if you are 100% sorted with life you will still know and appreciate the importance of self-love and physical wellbeing.

You are welcome to bring your child and I will help you to make this work.

Please take some time to look at the treatments, pricing, and how I can help, and get in touch to request a call back if you feel that what I am offering is suitable for you.

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Full Body Massage

A restorative, relaxing, full body massage to help tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches,emotional wellbeing. The benefits are extensive and massage is now recognised as essential for physical and wellbeing rather than a relaxing treat. Whilst I am trained in swedish massage I omit percussion and connect more deeply performing an intuitive massage. You will need a full consultation on your first visit followed by your treatment lasting just over an hour. Oils used are not tested on animals, organic and paraben free. Please note that underwear should be worn and clients should respect the professional environment.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A shorter version of the full body massage for those with less time, or less comfortable with full body massage, but still very beneficial to reduce tension and stress.

Hand or Foot Massage

A relaxing treatment enabling your mind body and spirit to benefit from the healing power of touch and massage. Although I am not a reflexologist I have studied reflexology in my own time and will use what I have learned to enhance your massage experience.

Let's talk

This session gives us an hour to have a cuppa, and chat. It may be that you have specific stresses that you would like to discuss in confidence or it may be that you need a confidant to talk about life generally in a safe space. Loneliness and Depression are enhanced and sometimes triggered by not having somebody to talk to and this session will help ensure that you are not isolated or festering.

Half day workshop

We have a morning or afternoon session to work through either practical tasks or troubleshooting your life. It may be that we use tools to see where you are unfulfilled and to come up with a plan to make positive changes or it may be that you need some practical help with sorting out your affairs. I can help you with matters of debt, relationship troubles, business plan planning, single-parenting advice, work troubles, low self-esteem or confidence issues. Together we can make a lot happen in three hours, whilst staying hydrated at all times!

Full day workshop

An extension of the half day workshop it may be that you need longer if we are to tackle a complete game-changing task. It may be that we build you a business website, or complete a business plan, or establish what you want to do and generate a perfect match CV, or we may make a vision board for you, or call a bunch of debt collectors or apply for income support. Whatever you need help with this full-day workshop will help you forget surviving, and start thriving. I am happy for you to share this workshop with a friend if you would benefit from similar help.

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JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

I have to charge for my time and my overheads but I try and keep my prices as low as possible. My desire to help others is greater than my desire for financial abundance.

I will donate 10% of price charged to Marie Curie as per just giving link above.

Full Body Massage £30 allow 1.5 - 2 hours

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £20 allow 45 minutes

Hand or Foot Massage £15 allow 30 minutes

Let's talk £20 for 1 hour time slot

Half day workshop £45 allow 3 hours

Full day workshop £60 allow 5 hours

Coffee Free!

Please note that if money is painfully tight I will take installments albeit in advance (i.e.pay £5 a week and look forward to your session with me and your imminent wellbeing!)

I practice in the Wye Valley but I will travel for talking therapies in public places. Mileage and refreshments will be an additional cost.

Payments by card or bank transfer in advance or cash at session

Refund Policy

48 hours notice = full refund, 24 - 48 hours notice = 50% refund

24 hours or less notice = full amount payable

See treatments section for further details

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About me

I am a confidant, an intuitive empath and channel energy for lightworking - I am also trained in a more socially accepted traditional way & hold an ITEC Diploma in Holistic (Swedish) Massage gained at the Cotswold Academy in 2009, a Counselling Diploma gained at the Bristol University in 2011, a Law Degree achieved with the Open University in 2016 and have various certificates including but not limited to Business Practice, Professional Conduct, Indian Head Massage and continually study various psychology and wellbeing practices such as Mindfulness, NLP, Neuroscience and any other methods of retraining your brain. I also run a business KIH Products, established in 2013 & multi-award-winning, and I have published a book called Finding Happiness and Freeing Your Spirit which is available in print or on Amazon Kindle.

I fit my business and Wellbeing Practice into School hours and evenings (not therapies) and spend the rest of my time enjoying life with my daughter and our dog, Tara.

Please note that although I have white coat and a suit you are more likely to find me in my jeans or casual clothing so that I have optimal energy to help you! Please also note that I practice what I preach so contact is unlikely to result in an immediate response as my phone / e-mail is rarely by my side!

I am excited to use all that I have learned to help you help yourself.. and ultimately reach an optimal state of wellbeing..

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You can leave a voice message on my business number and I will try to respond the same day, or use the contact form below, leaving your number if you want me to call you and an idea of good / bad time to respond. Thank you x Tel: (voicemail) 02081239625


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